Project Application

Please fill out this application as completely as possible. If you have any questions, you may contact us at 614.429.0394 or at [email protected]. Once we’ve received your application we will be in touch. If you need more time or prefer to print it out, you may download the paper application below.

Download paper application

    1. Type of Assistance Desired

    2. Applicant Company/User

    3. Information on Existing Business

    4. Description of Proposed Project

    5. Project Budget

    Project Costs

    Project Funding

    6. Principal Officers/Owners (10% or More Ownership)

    Add an Additional Owner

    7. Participating Lender(s) (if Applicable)

    Add an Additional Lender

    8. Time Frame

    9. Additional Information Upload

    The following information must be submitted with this Project Application to receive consideration

    • Three years each of historical financial statements and financial projections (balance sheet, P&L)

    • Most current interim financial statements (not more than 90 days old)

    • Narrative history of existing business – include annual reports, brochures, newsletters, etc.

    • Site plan or expansion plan (if available)

    • Project description and projected budget of project, including sources and uses of funds associated with project

    • Resumes of officers and key management personnel

    • Any other information that you feel will assist in the review of your project

    10. Additional Information


    Construction projects financed by the Finance Authority must agree to place signage (provided by the Finance Authority) at their facilities.


    An application fee of $2,000 will apply for the Finance Authority’s application review. Additionally, the Finance Authority charges a closing fee as well as an annual servicing fee.

    The company has the right to terminate its participation in the application process and withdraw its acceptance prior to the closing date of the Bonds. However, in the event of termination by the company, the company agrees to pay the Finance Authority all reasonable out of pocket fees and professional fees incurred by the Finance Authority.

    Submission Acknowledgment

    As authorized agent of the applicant company, I hereby submit this Project Application. All information submitted on or with this Project Application is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that additional information will be required. I also understand that this document in no way constitutes a commitment of funds by the Columbus- Franklin County Finance Authority or any of its financing programs.