Bridge Park

The Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority has issued more than $286 million in financing to support multiple parts of Bridge Park in the City of Dublin.

The City of Dublin is working with multiple partners to transform the City’s Bridge Street District by creating a mixed-use development, called Bridge Park, spanning both sides of the Scioto River. The Finance Authority worked with Crawford Hoying Development Partners, developer of the Bridge Park, to find creative financing options that reduced the company’s overall cost on the project. 

The development is being created so professionals who work in Dublin will be able to live in a walkable, urban neighborhood close to where they work. The Finance Authority has helped finance multiple parts of Bridge Park, including:

  • Parking garages
  • Condo and apartment units
  • Office space
  •  A variety of retail and restaurant spaceInfrastructure improvements

To date, the agency has issued more than $286 million in financing to support multiple phases of the development of Bridge Park. This included working with the Finance Authorities of Toledo and Summit County to provide financial support for the West Side Garage.

“The Finance Authority has a history of providing creative financing options for development projects that have helped make the Columbus Region great for the residents, business owners, college students and visitors that make up our community, by partnering with the Finance Authority on the Bridge Park project, we’ve been able to reduce our overall cost while delivering an exceptional product and experience to our customers and tenants.”

– Nelson Yoder, a development principal with Crawford Hoying