Small Business Loans

Available Funds
$0 ,000 - $0 ,000
  • Term – up to 15 years, not to exceed useful life of asset to be financed
  • Interest rate – BELOW PRIME.  Varies by program. 
  • Fees
    1. Application fee – $250 (non-refundable)
    2. Commitment fee – $500 (applicable to closing fees)
    3. Loan cost of issuance – 5% of loan amount or $5,000 whichever is greater
    4. Filing fees, at cost
    5. Loan origination fee $750
    6. Annual loan servicing fee $750
    7. Late payment fees of 5% of the payment amount
  • Collateral satisfactory to CFFA
  • Personal guarantee – required for any owner with 20% or more ownership in closely held company
  • Loan payments must be made via ACH (electronic funds transfer)
  • Limited to two loan disbursements
  • Prepayment policy – The CFFA loan may be prepaid in whole or in part anytime at outstanding principle plus accrued interest and closing costs, if any.
Below prime interest rates
Neighborhood Improvement & Small Business Loan
EDA Small Business Revolving Loan - up to 4% below published prime rate

Interested in a loan?  Contact Patty Huddle 614-427-0394, [email protected]

Interested parties are required to submit an application, provide information on the application checklist, and pay the application and refundable origination fee.  Applications will be reviewed and are subject to approval by CFFA staff, CFFA Finance Committee and the CFFA Board of Directors.  Application for funds does not guarantee approval.

Borrower eligibility criteria

  • Geographic location – Franklin County, Ohio
  • Type of entity – professional, manufacturing, service, healthcare, logistics and distribution
  • For profit and not-for-profit
  • Existing entity, positive net income, positive trends
  • Fewer than 100 employees

Matching funds requirement

  • Borrower equity (minimum 10%)

Contact us for more information

[email protected]

Application Checklist

  • Description of borrowing entity (legal structure, organizational chart and composition)
  • Background and history of borrower
  • Project description (to include address, fixed asset investment, job retention and or creation, community impact)
  • Three years of historical financials (balance sheet and income statement). If not available, tax returns, management- or accountant-prepared financial statements
  • Current interim (within 90 days) balance sheet and profit and loss statement
  • Proforma with assumptions
  • Names of affiliated businesses
  • Resumes of key management
  • Sources and uses of funds


  • Commercial Lender term sheet or declination letter
  • Proposed collateral
  • Personal financial statements on all parties with 20% or more ownership of borrowing entity
  • Marketing plan with analysis of competition that demonstrates management’s understanding of market
  • Description of asset to be financed
    • Land and or building
      • current appraisal
      • Phase I Environmental. If required by Phase I, Phase II Environmental
      • Contracts or leases
  • Building renovation
    • Contractor estimate
  • Machinery and equipment
    • Vendor’s estimate