Innovative Energy Financing Solutions for Property Owners

Promoting a Greener Columbus with Franklin County Energy Works

  • The Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority, in partnership with Franklin County, provides creative financing solutions for Central Ohio businesses, governments and non-profits to fund energy efficiency improvements that result in lower energy costs.
  • Energy loan funds can pay for upgraded energy-saving technologies and their related installation and construction costs.

According to Energy Star, the average commercial building wastes 30 percent of the energy it consumes. As a result, commercial buildings offer opportunities for energy savings. The Finance Authority can provide financing for energy improvements through its energy program, which provides loans for local businesses, non-profits and governments to fund cost-effective energy efficiency improvements – ultimately resulting in annual energy savings.

“The Franklin County Commissioners’ Energy Works program is a great and ongoing way for us to continue to fund green energy upgrades for businesses and buildings throughout the community,” said Board of Commissioners President John O’Grady. “The program is good not only for the environment, but also for the economy, and it’s a revolving loan program so the same dollars can be lent out again and again to businesses all over the county year after year.”

Taking Energy Conservation Measures for Frantz Investments LLC

An example of the Finance Authority’s creative approach to energy financing is Frantz Investments’ commercial office building on Frantz Road in Dublin. Through the Energy Works program, the Finance Authority issued $546,133 to upgrade the 59,946-square foot building’s LED lighting, direct digital control system and boiler. Once energy conservation measures are implemented, Frantz Investments is expected to save $31,400 in energy costs per year.

Financing Energy Improvement Projects for Wasserstrom Realty

Another example of the Energy Works program’s success is Wasserstrom Realty’s 50,572-square foot corporate headquarters building, located on East Broad Street in Whitehall. The Finance Authority issued $1.26 million in energy loan funds that will be used to improve the building’s HVAC, building automation system and install a solar PV array. These upgrades are expected to save Wasserstrom $110,000 in energy costs annually.

 If you’re interested in learning more about the Finance Authority’s energy program and how we can partner on your next opportunity, contact Jeremy Druhot at [email protected] or 614.429.0438.