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of the Columbus Region

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The Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority is a public agency that provides creative and timely financing solutions in Central Ohio’s private, non-profit and public sectors. The Finance Authority has a A- bond fund rating from Standard & Poor’s Rating Services for its Central Ohio Bond Fund.

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Central Ohio Bond Fund

Access to national capital markets and long-term, fixed rates.

Tax Increment Financing

Access to capital markets, tax-exempt and long-term financing.

Lease Financing

Savings on construction projects through capital lease options.

Parking Garages

Facilitating tax-exempt financing and construction materials.


Financing capital investments tax-exempt and access to lower rates.


Savings on manufacturing equipment with tax-exempt leasing program.


Financing for developers to use with public infrastructure projects.

Small Business Loans

Loans for small businesses

Targeted Neighborhood Loans

Loans supporting investment in targeted neighborhoods

in bond financing projects
Investing over
in Central Ohio


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