Our Services

Small Business Loans

Small businesses and healthy neighborhoods are critical to the economy.   Investment in neighborhoods reinforces property values and contributes to overall quality of life.  To support small businesses and facilitate investment in low-to-moderate-income neighborhoods, the Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority (CFFA) created the Small Business & Neighborhood Improvement Loan and the EDA Revolving Loan Fund.

Central Ohio Bond Fund

We enable borrowers to access the national capital markets through bonds issued within the program. The Fund is designed to leverage existing resources by providing long-term and fixed-rate financing to projects that promote economic development in Central Ohio.

Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a tool for economic development that communities can use to stimulate private investment and development in targeted areas. We can assist developers wishing to use TIF by providing access to the capital markets, facilitating tax-exempt financing and delivering longer term financing.

Lease Financing

Capital lease options are an alternative choice for clients looking to reduce the cost of a construction project. Using this process, we can issue taxable bonds, hold the title to a building or enter into a long-term lease with the client.


We serve as a collaborative partner for developers and local governments by providing financing solutions for public infrastructure. We can offer access to tax-exempt markets, credit-enhanced financing and a lower cost of capital to fund projects.


We can provide significant savings to manufacturers that want to invest in equipment through its tax-exempt leasing program. Businesses using this option receive a cost savings on their purchases, and buyers find the bonds attractive because they earn interest that is exempt from state and federal income tax.

Parking Garages

We can help developers, local governments and businesses finance parking garages by facilitating tax-exempt financing. We are also able to take title to parking garages that are being built, which allows the construction materials used to be exempt from the sales tax.


Congress allows 501(c)(3) non-profits to finance capital investments tax-exempt. This cost savings applies to investments, such as buildings, building improvements and equipment. We can work with 501(c)(3) organizations to help them take advantage of lower rates if their projects meet certain requirements of the federal tax code.


We review TEFRA (The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982) projects on behalf of Franklin County to make sure projects meet the standards to qualify for tax-exempt financing. The Franklin County Commissioners require projects go through a review by the agency’s team before signing off on the project.