ODOD Launches New Site Revitalization Grant Programs

The Ohio Department of Development now offers two programs created to help fund the cleanup and repurposing of blighted, abandoned, or under-used properties. Private entities may apply for these programs in collaboration with a public entity such as the Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority.

The Brownfield Remediation Program and Building Demolition and Site Revitalization Program provide grants from a combined pool of $500 million. The funds will be available on a first-come, first-served basis statewide. However, each of Ohio’s counties has a $1 million set-aside.  

“These programs are vitally important because they bring capital into deals that, by themselves, may not pencil out,” said CFFA Vice President Patty Huddle. “It’s a great opportunity for developers and communities alike to clean up sites, creating much-needed site inventory for future economic development. If selected as the requisite public partner, our organization brings a prevailing-wage-exemption advantage to projects.”  

Much of the funding, nearly $350 million, is available through the Brownfield Remediation Program. The rest of the funds – $150 million – will go toward demolition and site revitalization grants.  

To learn more about partnering with CFFA to tap these funds, please contact us.